What's this all about then?

The Really Strange Record Club is a place to meet with like-minded people whose taste in music is as adventurous as yours. We'll listen to records, hang out and have a good time. Come and join us!

What will we listen to?

Anyone can bring along a record for us to listen to. Just email us in advance to let us know what you're bringing. If there's more records than we have time for, we'll put the titles in a hat and pick them via a random draw.

Do I have to bring vinyl?

We assume most people probably will bring vinyl, but feel free to bring along CDs, tapes, files you've bought off Bandcamp on a memory stick, etc. Just let us know in advance so we can make sure we've got something to play it on. The only proviso is that we've love you to bring something you own, rather than a Spotify link or something.

I have a record I'd like to bring, but I'm not sure if it's "strange" enough.

It definitely is! We really only mean something that's a bit off the beaten track i.e. you're not likely to hear it on mainstream radio. We're not just talking about ultra avant-garde pointy-headed free jazz stuff (although if you want to bring some ultra avant-garde pointy-headed free jazz stuff: brilliant, please do!).

So there's no genre rules?

None. You are just as welcome to bring a Finnish IDM 12" or Sun Ra LP as you are a Japanese ambient mix, a Sonic Youth live bootleg tape, some lo-fi indiepop you found on Bandcamp or a classic shoegaze single. Surprise us! The point of this is to share what you love and to hear something new.

How do I find out more?

All the action is on the mailing list - that's where you'll hear first about upcoming events, get a sneak preview of records people are bringing along and more.

I think I've got a question you've not covered here.

Entirely likely. Email us and we'll update this as we go!